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This section is a listing of films made in or about Louisiana arranged by year of release.

We are in the process of cross linking the titles to our Movie Poster Data Base, so you will be able to see the posters and additional information issued for that title .


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We have the basic information of all Louisiana films online. If you need additional information or research, we have several ways to help.

1). For brief questions (that can be answered in 5-10 minutes), call (504-298-5267) or email (edp@HollywoodOnTheBayou.com) and we will try to help with you question.

2). For a little more indepth questions, email (edp@HollywodOnTheBayou.com) and we will try to help with your questions.

3). For those that need a lot more research, you can become a member and have access to images, trade magazines, newspaper clippings, etc. to do research on your own.

4). For advance research beyond this, email or call.

We have documentation such as posters, pressbooks, newspaper clippings, trade magazine ads and articles on almost all of these films.

Additional markings - films NOT made in or about Louisiana (but people think they are) are marked (nL). Films created for library or group showings and NOT for theaters are marked (nt).

We are building the foundation for Louisiana film research through books, exhibits, film prints, lectures/presentations, research and websites.
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