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Louisiana Film Titles - By Year


While all our files on all Louisiana titles through 2018 have been updated, we are currently expanding the listings and adding poster images. We have started on the Title Section first. After we complete that section we will begin updating this section.

Listed here are Louisiana film titles including shorts, documentaries, feature length, tv movies and tv documentaries.

NOT INCLUDED are music videos, tv shows, and tv series unless they were released to the theater in other countries as a film.

Titles are arranged alphabetically within each year, followed with the director, cast, brief film description and filming location in Louisiana.

We have Louisiana film titles also available arranged BY TITLE - and BY PARISH.

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Additional markings - films NOT made in or about Louisiana (but people think they are) are marked (nL). Films created for library or group showings and NOT for theaters are marked (nt).

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