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We are in the process of updating and expanding our listings by title. The 'TOP' alphabet block is the new expanded lists with poster images and the 'bottom' list is the old version. Once we finish updating this list, we will then convert the "By Year" and "By Parish" lists as well.

Listed here are Louisiana film titles including shorts, documentaries, feature length, tv movies and tv documentaries.

NOT INCLUDED are music videos, tv shows, and tv series unless they were released to the theater in other countries as a film.

Titles are arranged alphabetically followed with the year of release, director, cast, brief film description and filming location in Louisiana.

We have Louisiana film titles also available arranged BY YEAR - and BY PARISH.

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$8.50 a Barrel a/k/a Huit Piastres et Demie - 1981 - Dir: Pitre. Cote Blanche documentary filmed in Golden Meadow. NOTE: This film can be purchased here - https://www.coteblanche.com/store/huit-piastres-et-demie-dvd

#Enough - 2016 - Dir: Moffett, Fleming; Cast: Bennett, Brumfield. Short drama filmed in Kenner.

#MenToo - 2018 - Dir: Bush; Cast: Crane, Hugo. TV Movie filmed in Baton Rouge.

#TheFutureIsCrowdFunding - 2014 - Dir: Bledsoe; Cast: Daman, Magill. Short, drama romance filming in Shreveport.

1 Buck

1 Buck - 2017

Dir: Dufils; Cast: Freeman, Ryan. Drama, thriller filmed in Bossier City and Shreveport.


1 More Chance - 2014 - Dir: Jackson; Cast: Autin, Breckenridge. Short filmed in New Orleans at the Le Roux Supper Club.

1:36 - 2013 - Dir: Hyde. Documentary of the life of Aaron Pennywell who was killed at the age of 20 by a drunk driver partially filmed in Bossier City.

10 Cloverfield Lane
10 Cloverfield Lane
- 2016

Dir: Trachtenberg; Cast: Goodman, Winstead. Horror thriller shot in New Orleans. Drama horror filmed in New Orleans and at the Home Place Plantation in Hahnville.

10 Yards10 Yards - 2008

Dir: Weeks. Documentary about fantasy football partially filmed in New Orleans.


1000 Year Flood1000 Year Flood - 2018

Dir: Durr; documentary filmed in Louisiana


10,000 Doors - 2010 - Dir: Cross; Cast: Hubbard, DiBiase. Horror filmed in New Orleans.

11 Days 11 Nights part 2
11 Days 11 Nights Part 2: The Sequel 
- 1991

Dir: D'Amato; Cast: Rose, Collins, Lewis. Drama filmed in New Orleans

11 Days 11 Nights part 3
11 Days 11 Nights Part 3 -

Dir: D’Amato; Cast:  Demy, Cort. Drama filmed in New Orleans.

12 Rounds
12 Rounds

Dir: Harlin; Cast: Cena, Gillen. Action crime thriller filmed in New Orleans including Saturn Bar, Hotel Monteleone, Algiers ferry, a streetcar, an Elysian Fields bus, the World Trade Center and the Aquarium of the Americas.            

12 Years a Slave12 Years a Slave - 2013

Dir: McQueen; Cast: Ejiofor, Williams. Historical drama filmed at Magnolia Lane Plantation in Bridge City, Felicity Plantation in Vacherie, Magnolia Plantation in Schriever, Bocage Plantation in Darrow, St. Joseph Plantation, Destrehan, and in New Orleans in the French Quarter, Audubon Park, Columns Hote, and Urbania.


13 Lakes - 2004 - Dir: Benning. Documentary about the 13 major lakes around the U.S. partially filmed at Lake Pontchartrain.

13 Sins
13 Sins
 - 2014

Dir: Stamm; Cast: Webber, Graye, Bower. Horror comedy filmed at Mardi Gras World and around New Orleans.

14 Women
14 Women -

Dir: Lambert; Narrator: Benning.  Documentary of the 14 women who held U.S. Senate seats filmed partially in New Orleans.

140 Miles - 2014 - Dir: Brown. Short sports documentary drama following the life of Trent Wierick, an Ironman Triathlon competitor, who, after a near fatal training accident fights to get back to competing filmed in Shreveport.

190 Proof
190 Proof
 - 2013

Dir: Enis; Cast: Gautreaux, Wilson. Short horror filmed in Shreveport.

 - 2016

Dir: Swider; Cast: Roberts, Waggener. Thriller filmed in Covington, New Orleans, Madisonville, Pearl River and around Ascension and St. Tammany Parishes.

2 Guns2 Guns - 2013

Dir: Kormakur; Cast: Washington, Wahlberg. Crime comedy partially filmed in Gretna, Kenner, downtown Amite at W. Palmetto, W. Chestnut and S. 1st St, River Ridge at Sauve Rd and Hyde Place, and New Orleans at Camp St., Natchez St. Coral Sea St. and Heerman St.

21 Jump Street
21 Jump Street
 - 2012

Dir: Lord, Miller; Cast: Hill, Tatum. Action comedy filmed in New Orleans and Riverdale High School in Jefferson.

21 Up America - 2006 - Dir: Quinn. Documentary partially filmed in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

22 Jump Street22 Jump Street - 2014

Dir: Lord, Miller; Cast: Tatum, Hill. Crime comedy partially filmed in Baton Rouge at LSU Tiger Stadium, Metairie at Lafreniere Park and New Orleans at the USPS parking garage, Milan St. Wharf, around the Port of N.O., St. James AME Church, Loyola University and Tulane University.

29 Reasons to Run

29 Reasons to Run - 2006

Dir: O’Steen; Cast: Weeks, Waits. Comedy with some scenes filmed and set in Shreveport.

3 of 30 - 2014 - Dir: Bohs; Cast: Bohs. Short partially filmed in Natchitoches.

30 Days in the Bowl

30 Days in the Bowl - 2011

Dir: Agresta; Semi documentary about the recovery of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina filmed in New Orleans.

30th Day of May

30th of May, The - 2016

Dir: Theres; Historical documentary about the African American Memorial Day tradition that dates back to the end of the Civil War partially filmed in Vidalia.



311: Live in Concert, New Orleans - 3-11 Day - 2004 - Dir: Stuart. Documentary about the concert given at the Lake Front Arena in New Orleans.

39-A: Een Reisverhaal Van Eindeloos - 2010 - Dir: Mather; Semi-documentary about a vacation to visit the Space Center partially filmed in Baton Rouge for a Dutch release.

4: GO
- 2017

Dir: Schneider; Cast: Austin, Bagwell. Thriller filmed at the John Schneider Studio in Holden.


4th and Life - 2003 - Dir: Soffer. Documentary filmed in Louisiana.

51 - 2011 - Dir: Connery; Cast: Arender, Boxleitner. Horror sci/fi filmed in Louisiana.

6 Month Rule

6 Month Rule - 2011

Dir: Weaver; Cast: Weaver, Starr. comedy filmed in Shreveport.

7 Doors of Death


7 Doors of Death - See Beyond, The1981


8 Ball Bunny - 1950 - Dir:  Jones; Cast:  Blanc (voices).  Bug Bunny animation short with some scenes set in New Orleans.

900 Women

900 Women - 2000

Dir: Khadivi, Stack. Documentary filmed in St. Gabriel at the Louisiana Correctional Institute.

99 Homes - 2014 - Dir: Bahrani; Cast: Shannon, Griffin, Austin. Drama filmed in New Orleans with street scenes filmed in Gretna.

A.D.A.M. the Beginning

A.D.A.M. The Beginning - 2013

Dir: Caudle; Cast: Fleming, Jones. Sci/fi partially filmed in New Orleans.

A.R.S.E. - 2002 - Dir: Rothell; Cast: Palmer, Schubert. Comedy short filmed in Shreveport.


Abacus - 2017

Dir: Stelly; Cast: Banken, Cazes. Thriller filmed in Baton Rouge.


Abattoir - 2016

Dir: Bousman; Cast: Shaye, Lowndes. Horror thriller shot in New Orleans. 

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars - 1953

Dir: Lamont; Cast: Abbott, Costello. Comedy partially set at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. 

Abduction of Jesse Bookman

Abduction of Jesse Bookman - 2008 

Dir: Gould; Cast: Prince, Hewitt. Thriller filmed in Baton Rouge.

Abode - 2009 - Dir: Ofsink, Valls. Documentary looks at the changing lifestyles between generations partially filmed in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond - 2001

Dir: Alexander; Cast: Mandylor, Paul. Drama romance filmed in New Orleans.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - 2012

Dir: Bekmambetov; Cast: Walker Sewell. Action fantasy horror filmed in New Orleans French Quarter, Covington and Vacherie at the Oak Alley Plantation.


Absinthe - 2010

Dir: Buddy; Cast: Breaux, Bugnon. Documentary with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.


Acceptance - 2009

Dir: Hamri; Cast: Whitman, Allen. TV movie comedy for Lifetime filmed in Shreveport.

Acting Outlaws: The LA La Ride - 2012 - Documentary of 2 actresses (Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer) taking a motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to New Orleans to raise money for victims of the Deep Horizon oil spill partially filmed in New Orleans.

Acting Your Age - 2009 - Dir: Walton; Cast: Robin, Dardar. Short bio drama filmed in New Orleans.

Action Movie 3

Action Movie 3: The Sequel - 2014

Dir: Merrick; Cast: Allen, Van Hook. Short comedy filmed in Shreveport.


Actuality - 2017 - Dir: Davis; Cast: Biggs, Blunt. Short drama filmed in New Orleans.


Adam Jones
 - 2015 - see Burnt


Addam - 2014

Dir: Nystrom; Cast: Dafnis, Flannery. Short comedy filmed in Shreveport.

Adult Assembly Required

Adult Assembly Required - 2016

Dir: Chambers, Gallagher; Cast: Washington, Washington. Family short filmed in Shreveport.

Adulterers aka Avouterie - 2015

Dir: Coakley; Cast: Faris, Brooks. Crime drama set and partially filmed in New Orleans.

Adv. of Captain Fabian

Adventures of Captain Fabian - 1951  

Dir: Marshall; Cast: Flynn, Presley. Drama set in 1860 New Orleans.

Adv. of Gorilla Bob

Adventures of Gorilla Bob: Bokato Attacks! - 2011

Dir: Bennett; Cast: Phelan, Britain. Short adventure straight to video filmed in Calcasieu, Allen and Rapides parishes around Lake Charles, Kinder, Oberlin and Woodworth.

Adventures of Professor Mizutani - 1980 - Included on list of the Louisiana Film Commission, and probably a working title. We have not identified this film yet.

Afflicted One - 2017 - Dir: Carriere; Cast: Preston, Wise. Crime short filmed around Louisiana.

African American History Parade - 2011 - Historical TV special filmed in Shreveport.

After Claudetteia

After Claudetteia - 2016

Dir: Williamson; Cast: Love. Short documentary of former teachers and students of the Monroe City School system recounting the 2015 Claudetteia Love incident.

After Contact

After Contact - 2014

Dir: Szabo; Cast: Dafnis, Snead. Short sci/fi filmed in Shreveport.

After Katrina: Rebuilding St. Bernard Parish - 2006 - Dir: Finberg. Post-Katrina documentary filmed in New Orleans and St. Bernard. 

After the Beep - 2013 - Dir: Jacob; Cast: Brown, Hooks. Short drama filmed in New Orleans.

After the Flood: Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip in New Orleans - 2014 - Dir: Walker; Short documentary filmed in New Orleans shown only in Finland.

After the Spill

After the Spill - 2015

Dir: Bowermaster; documentary about Louisiana's coastline after Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Filmed all around south Louisiana.


After the Spill: The Last Catch - 2010 - Dir: Stack, Weinfield; TV movie documentary about Venice after the oil spill filmed in Venice and southern Louisiana.

After the Storm

After the Storm - 2009 

Dir: Medalia; Cast: Arnold, Britton. Documentary filmed in post-Katrina New Orleans including the St. Marks Community Center.


Afterlife - 2011

Dir: Perry. Straight to video documentary interviewing subjects that had near-death experiences partially filmed in New Orleans.


Aftermath - 2011 - Dir: Farizo, Gillham; Cast: Lewis, Leydecker. Short sci/fi adventure filmed in New Orleans.


Aftermath - 2014

Dir: Engert; Cast: Thomason, Furlong. Sci/fi thriller filmed in New Orleans.


Aftermath of Katrina
 - 2005 - Dir: Warren. Documentary improvised trek through New Orleans in September 2005 to survey the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina filmed in New Orleans.

Again, A Love Story - 1970 - See Love is a Funny Thing, 1970.

Against the TideAgainst the Tide: The Story of the Cajun People of Louisiana - 2000

Dir: Mire; Narrator: Richard; Cast: Brasseaux, Ancelet.  Documentary of the Cajun people filmed in Louisiana. NOTE: This film can be purchased here - http://patmire.com/films/against-the-tide/

Age of Stupid

Age of Stupid - 2009 

Dir: Armstrong; Cast: Postlethwaite, Wadia. Documentary history war with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.


Agenda - 2007

Dir: de la Luz; Cast: Rusler, Alexander. Thriller partially filmed in Shreveport.

Agent 5

Agent 5: A Night of the Last Life Of - 2008

Dir: Desotell; Cast: Burnham, Wunstel. Mystery partially filmed in Alexandria.

Agent Emerson

Agent Emerson - 2019

Dir: Rozhkov; Cast: Fonseca, Denison. Action short partially filmed in Baton Rouge.

Aint Them Bodies Saints

Ain't Them Bodies Saints - 2013

Dir: Lowery; Cast: Mara, Affleck. Crime drama partially filmed in Shreveport.

Airmen Calvin Moret

Airmen: The Extraordinary Life of Calvin G. Moret - 2017

Dir: Serrano; documentary film based on the life of the last living Tuskegee Airman in Louisiana. Partially filmed in Louisiana

Al Jennings of Oklahoma

Al Jennings of Oklahoma - 1951

Dir: Nazarro; Cast: Duryea, Storm. Western with some scenes set in Louisiana.

Alabama Moon 2009

Alabama Moon - 2009 

Dir: McCanlies; Cast: Goodman, Bennett. Family filmed in Covington.

Albino Alligator

Albino Alligator - 1996 

Dir: Spacey; Cast: Dillon, Dunaway. Crime drama thriller set and partially filmed in New Orleans.

Alex and Me

Alex & Me - 2018

Dir: Champnella; Cast: Agudong, Morgan. Family sports filmed in New Orleans.

Alien Baby

Alien, Baby! - 2017

Dir: Rakich, Uruena; Cast: Hendricks, Wills. Comedy sci/fi filmed in New Orleans.

Alien Crash Sites on the Moon

Alien Crash Sites on the Moon - 2017

Dir: Norfolk; Cast: Tyler, Schneider. Sci/fi short filmed in Shreveport.

Alien on a Savage Planet - 2014 - Dir: Mullins; Cast: Bucha, Chambers. Sci/fi short filmed in New Orleans.

Alien Tornado - 2012 - see Tornado Warning - 2012

Alive - 2017 - Dir: Holmes; Cast: Davis, Medley. Short drama filmed in Baton Rouge.

All American Orgy

All American Orgy - 2009 

Dir: Drazek; Cast: Silverman, Beck. Comedy filmed in Baton Rouge.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

All Dogs Go to Heaven - 1989

Dir: Bluth, Goldman; Cast (Voices):  DeLuise, Reynolds.  Adventure animation set in New Orleans.

All Love is Sudden - 2014 - Dir: Sexton; Cast: McGivney, Rowe. Short musical filmed in Shreveport.

All Mistakes Buried

All Mistakes Buried - 2015

Dir: McCann; Cast: Ferlito, Trammell; Thriller filmed in Alexandria.

All on a Mardi Gras Day - 2003 - Dir: Osborn. Black Carnival celebrations documentary filmed in New Orleans.

All on a Mardi Gras Day

All on a Mardi Gras Day - 2019

Dir: Pietrzyk. Short documentary on the battle to be Big Chief for the year in the Mardi Gras Indians.

All Over But to Cry: Hurricane Audrey - 2009 - Dir: Block. Documentary filmed in Lake Charles on the damage during the 1957 hurricane..

All Quiet on the Gulf Coast - 2008 - Dir: Devers. Documentary about Hurricane Katrina partially filmed in LaPlace and New Orleans in the French Quarter.

All the Kings Men

All the King's Men - 2006

Dir: Zaillian; Cast: Penn, Law. Drama thriller set in the 1950’s Louisiana and filmed  at the Albania Plantation in  Jeanerette, Donaldson, the fairgrounds in Livingston, Morgan City, New Orleans and the State Capitol in Baton Rouge.  

All the Women I've Loved - 2011 - Dir: Williams; Cast: Armstrong, Brown. Comedy filmed in Baton Rouge.

All You Need is Cash

All You Need is Cash (a/k/a) Rutles:  All You Need is Cash - 1978 

Dir: Idle; Cast: Idle, Halsey. Musical comedy with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.


Alligator Hunters:  A Louisiana Legacy - 1986 - Dir: Sellers. Documentary filmed in Vermilion Parish.

Alligator People

Alligator People, The - 1959 

Dir: Del Ruth; Cast: Garland, Bennett. This horror drama is set in the fictional town of Bayou Landing and filmed in the bayous of Louisiana. 


Alligator XAlligator X - 2010

Dir: Valinia; Cast: Sheppard, Lyons. Horror sci-fi filmed in Baton Rouge and St. Gabriel for international release. See  Xtinction: Predator X 2014 for international rerelease and See Jurassic Predator: Xtinction 2018 for TV movie release.  

Along Lake Pontchartrain - 2007 - Dir: Laborde; Documentary about the history of development around the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain filmed in New Orleans.

Alulim - 2017 - Dir: Sabharwal; Cast: Abramowitz, Bakat. History filmed in New Orleans and Shreveport.

Alvarez Kelly

Alvarez Kelly - 1966

Dir: Dmytryk; Cast: Holden, Widmark.  Drama filmed in Baton Rouge, Asphodel Plantation and Clinton.


Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip - 2015

Dir: Becker; Cast: Lee, Long. Adventure comedy partially filmed in the New Orleans French Quarter.  


Always For Pleasure

Always for Pleasure - 1978

Dir: Blank.  Documentary about New Orleans filmed in New Orleans.



Am800 - 2014

Dir: Roe; Cast: Miller, Leydecker. Short horror filmed in New Orleans.


America for Me - 1953 - Dir: Kelley; Cast:  Drew, Archer. Short filmed partially at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Americas By Night

America By Night aka Americas By Night 1961

Dir: Barros; Cast: Cardoso, Machado. Italian documentary on the night life around North and South America partially filmed in New Orleans.   

Americas Blues

America's Blues - 2015

Dir: Branson; historical documentary about the influence of music on society. Partially filmed in New Orleans.


America's Core - 2008 - Dir: Gough. Documentary about the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corp partially filmed in Baton Rouge.

Americas Heart and Soul

America’s Heart and Soul - 2004 

Dir: Schwartzberg.  Cast: Andrews, Shorty.  Documentary with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.


American Beer

American Beer - 2004 

Dir: Kermizian; Cast: Goldberg, Miller. Cross country documentary with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.


American Bully

American Bully a/k/a Anytown - 2009

Dir: Rodriguez; Cast: O'Leary, Allman. Crime drama partially filmed in Donaldsonville.

American Courtesans

American Courtesans - 2013

Dir: Johnson; Documentary partially filmed in New Orleans.


American Creole: New Orleans Reunion - 2006 - Dir: Benoit, Pitre; Cast: Richard, Marsalis. Cote Blanche musical documentary filmed in New Orleans and released as a tv movie. NOTE: This film can be purchased here - https://www.coteblanche.com/store/5l6je39kuyg19hoysazxtbhmjhx5y5

American Dream

American Dream - 2014

Dir: Barry; Cast: Gleeson, Barry. Short drama filmed in Shreveport.

American Dream - 2018 - see Obsession.

American Frontier: Decisive Battles - 2000 - Dir: Foreman. TV documentary about the battle at Chalmette. Filmed in Indiana for the History Channel?

American Graduate Day 2014 - 2014 - Dir: Benjamin, Jolles. TV movie for WNET partially filmed in Baton Rouge.

American Heist

American Heist - 2014

Dir: Andreasyan; Cast: Christensen, Brody. Crime drama partially filmed in New Orleans.


American Heritage of Hospitality - 1949 - Dir: Blake; Cast: Martin. Documentary short filmed partially in New Orleans.

American Hero

American Hero - 2015

Dir: Love; Cast: Dorff, Billions; Action filmed in New Orleans.


American History: Our Louisiana Purchase - 1941 - Dir: Durlan. Documentary short with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.

American Horror House - 2012 - Dir: Scott; Cast: Fairchild, Tuttle. Horror TV movie filmed in Baton Rouge. Released internationally as Paranormal Initiation and on DVD as Sorority Horror House

American Made

American Made - 2017

Dir: Liman; Cast: Cruise, Gleeson. Biographical comedy partially filmed in Baton Rouge.


American Mormon

American Mormon - 2005

Dir: Knudsen; Cast: Tufts. Documentary partially filmed in New Orleans.

American Opera

American Opera, An - 2007 

Dir: McPhee; Cast: McPhee, Garrison. Documentary filmed in Gonzales, New Orleans and St. Bernard.


American Soldier

American Soldier - 2015

Dir: Mitchell; Cast: Mangus, Hynes; Short drama filmed in Baton Rouge.

American Standards

American Standards - 2008

Dir: Wehinger; Cast: Brolin, Cassidy. TV drama filmed in New Orleans and Natchitoches.


American Trap

American Trap - 2008

Dir: Biname; Cast: Girard, Darmon. Canadian conspiracy film partially filmed in New Orleans.


American Ultra

American Ultra - 2015

Dir: Nourizadeh; Cast: Stewart, Goggins. Action comedy filmed in New Orleans, Lutcher, Gramercy, Raceland, Houma, Norco, Kenner, Metairie, Hammond, Covington, Harahan and St. James Parish.

American UtopiaAmerican Utopia - 1994 

Dir: Lewis, Blackwood. Llano del Rio documentary about the longest lived socialist community in America filmed in Vernon Parish.

American Violet

American Violet - 2008 

Dir: Disney; Cast: Beharie, Patton. Drama filmed in New Orleans.

American Widow - 2009 - Dir: Leigh; Cast: Defavoroy, Golubeva. Drama with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.

American Wife, An - 1965 - (English translation of original Italian title) - See Run for Your Wife, 1965.

Among Brothers:  Politics in New Orleans - 1987 - Dir: Stekler. Documentary filmed in New Orleans.

Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2: the Legend Continues - 2013

Dir: McKay; Cast: Ferrell, Applegate, Rudd. Comedy partially filmed in New Orleans.


Andrew With Great FanfareAndrew With Great Fanfare - 2014

Dir: Hormann; Short documentary about a 14 year old boy who lives with his grandmother in New Orleans and plays music to stay out of trouble on the streets filmed in New Orleans for release in Germany as Mit Pauken und Trompeten.

Angel Heart

Angel Heart - 1987

Dir: Parker; Cast: Rourke, DeNiro. Horror thriller partially filmed in Laurel Valley Plantation in Thibodaux, Napoleonville, and New Orleans.

Angels Die Slowly

Angels Die Slowly - 2010 

Dir: Brown; Cast: Van Horne, Leduc. Horror thriller filmed in New Orleans.


Angels of the Basin

Angels of the Basin - 2007 

Dir: Abbey; Documentary featuring Louisiana’s Cajuns filmed around Louisiana.


Angola 3

Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation - 2008

Dir: O'Halligan. Documentary about 3 members of the Black Panther Party incarcerated at Angola Louisiana State Prison filmed in New Orleans.

Angola:  Society’s Nemesis - 1980 - Dir: Wolf. Documentary filmed in Louisiana.

Animal Rescue Katrina (ARK)

Animal Rescue Katrina - 2006 

Dir: Dykas;  Cast: Garrison, Salk. Post-Katrina documentary filmed partially in New Orleans

Anne Dark

Anne Dark - 2017

Dir: Sims; Cast: Gregg, Senica. Sci/fi short filmed in Baton Rouge.


Another Dirty Movie

Another Dirty Movie - 2012

Dir: Silverman; Cast: Klein, Klaft. Comedy filmed in New Orleans.

Another Front Line - 2015 - Dir: Hatcher; Cast: Sparks, Carney. short drama filmed in Louisiana.

Another Kind of Black - 2008 - Dir: Khan; Cast: Burke, Mayer. Short horror filmed in New Orleans.

Another Lost Angel - 2008 - Dir: Perkoff; documentary about the life and death of Kat Perkoff filmed in New Orleans.

Anything I Can Catch Anything I Can Catch:  The Handfishing Story - 1990 - 

Dir:  Mire; Documentary filmed in southwest Louisiana. NOTE: This film can be purchased here: http://patmire.com/films/anything-i-catch/

Anytown - 2009 - see American Bully 

Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex - 2011

Dir: Mitchell; Cast: Johns, Owens. Short drama filmed in Baton Rouge.


Apostle, The - 1997 

Dir: Duvall; Cast: Duvall, Fawcett. Drama partially filmed in Des Allemands, Gibson, Houma, Isle of St. Charles, Lafayette and Sunset.



Aquamarine - 2006

Dir: Allen; Cast: Roberts, Paxton. Comedy family fantasy partially filmed in Louisiana.



Arachnoquake - 2012

Dir: Furst; Cast: Furlong, Gold. Sci-fi TV movie filmed in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, St. Amant, Lafayette, and Sorrento.

Are You Scared 2

Are You Scared 2 - 2009 

Dir: Lands, Appling; Cast: Hays, Busch. Straight to video action filmed in Baton Rouge, including Kings Hotel.

Are You There? - 2018 - Dir: Carter; Cast: Feaster, Carroll. Short drama filmed in Shreveport.


Arena - 2011

Dir: Loop; Cast: Jackson, Lutz. straight to video movie filmed in Baton Rouge


Argument, The - 2011

Dir: Aranovich; Cast: Poupaud, Rombaut. Short drama filmed in New Orleans.


Arizona to BroadwayArizona to Broadway - 1933

Dir: Tinling; Cast: Dunn, Bennett. Crime drama partially set in New Orleans.

Armed Response

Armed Response - 2017

Dir: Stockwell; Cast: Snipes, Heche. Action horror filmed in New Orleans.

Armed with a Heart - 2010 - Dir: Horton; Cast: Smith, Tyler. Short straight to video drama filmed in New Orleans.

Arnold Travels
Arnold Travels, The
- 2015

Dir: Alfone; Cast: Leduc, Nieto. Short adventured filmed in Shreveport.

Arrival of Rex - 1902 - Selig Polyscope.  (catalog description).  Artist’s reproduction of principal scenes from the Krewe of Rex parade during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Art and Craft
Art and Craft
- 2014

Dir: Cullman, Grausman; documentary on prolific art forgers partially filmed in Lafayette.

Art Attack
Art Attack
- 2018

Documentary reality tv series starting Robb Ortel that explores unique art forms around the world. Partially filmed in New Orleans.

Art of Fashion - 2013 - Dir: Luterbach. Short documentary hosted by Justin Lebrun filmed at Lake Charles.

Art Time in AcadianaArt Time In Acadiana - 2014

Dir: Papas. Short documentary on the impact of art presented to middle and elementary students throughout Lafayette Parish School System filmed in Lafayette.

As Summer Dies

As Summer Dies - 1986 

Dir: Tramont; Cast: Glenn, Curtis. Made for TV drama set in a Louisiana town in 1959.

As Though Dead - 2011 - Dir: Hill Jr.; Cast: Roberts, Weaver. Horror filmed in Bossier City, Minden and Shreveport.

Ask Not - 2008 - Dir: Symons. Documentary about gay soldiers partially filmed in Shreveport.

Assassin, The
 - see Point of No Return, 1993

Assassination Games

Assassination Games - 2011

Dir: Barbarash; Cast: Van Damme, Adkins. Action partially filmed in New Orleans.

 - 2014 - Dir: Severio; Cast: Clarke, Coffman. Short drama filmed in Shreveport.

Asylum - 2018 - Dir: Lara; Cast: Anne, Benson. Short drama filmed in New Orleans.

At Lands End: Iti Humma - 2008 - Dir: Abbey. Documentary featuring The United Houma Nation filmed in post-Katrina south Louisiana.

At Last

At Last - 2005 

Dir: Anton; Cast: Adams, Arata. Romantic drama set in New Orleans and filmed in areas of Jefferson Parish including the New Orleans International Airport in Kenner, and New Orleans, including the French Quarter, Jackson Square and the Garden District.

At Mamu's Feet - 2014 - Dir: Millender; Cast: Ash, Bean. Drama partially filmed in Shreveport at the Mt. Canaan Church.

Attachment - 2016 - Dir: Carriere; Cast: Preston, Rubin. Short drama filmed in Mandeville.

Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter

Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter - see Tune in Tomorrow, 1990.

Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The - 1974 

Dir: Korty; Cast: Tyson, Brown.  Made for TV drama filmed at Ashland-Belle Helene Plantation in Geismer; the slave quarters of The Cottage Plantation in St. Francisville and Ryan Airport in Baton Rouge and set in the fictional Louisiana town of Bayonne.


AutonomousLESs - 2004

Dir: Landry; Cast: Randall, Sims. Short drama filmed in Baton Rouge.


Autopsy - 2008

Dir: Gierasch; Cast: Patrick, Lowndes. Horror mystery partially filmed in Jackson and New Orleans.

Avengers of Justice

Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars - 2018

Dir: Tarnol; Cast: Smart, Michaels. Family comedy filmed in Shreveport.

Avenging Force

Avenging Force - 1986 

Dir: Firstenberg; Cast: Dudikoff, James. Action drama filmed partially in New Orleans and Jackson. - 

 - 2015 - see Adulterers

Axe in the Attic

Axe in the Attic - 2007 

Dir: Pincus, Small. Documentary about Hurricane Katrina partially filmed in Louisiana.

Aztec Warrior

Aztec Warrior - 2015

Dir: Sanders; Cast: Guzman, Crews. Action comedy filmed in New Orleans.


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