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We are in the process of updating and expanding our listings by title. The 'TOP' alphabet block is the new expanded lists with poster images and the 'bottom' list is the old version. Once we finish updating this list, we will then convert the "By Year" and "By Parish" lists as well.

Listed here are Louisiana film titles including shorts, documentaries, feature length, tv movies and tv documentaries.

NOT INCLUDED are music videos, tv shows, and tv series unless they were released to the theater in other countries as a film.

Titles are arranged alphabetically followed with the year of release, director, cast, brief film description and filming location in Louisiana.

We have Louisiana film titles also available arranged BY YEAR - and BY PARISH.

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Cadillac Records

Cadillac Records - 2008 -

Dir: Martin; Cast: Brody, Wright. Biographical drama partially filmed in Baton Rouge.


Caged No More

Caged No More - 2016

Dir: Arnold; Cast: Sorbo, Gibb. Action drama filmed in Louisiana.


Cajun & Zydeco Music of Louisiana - 1989 - See J’ai ete au bal, 1989.

Cajun Crossroads - 1987 - Dir: Snyder. Documentary filmed in Louisiana.

Cajun - 1952 - See Louisiana Story, 1948.

Cajuns At the Table - 1942 - Columbia - Dir: Dela Varre. Documentary filmed in Louisiana.

Call Her Savage

Call Her Savage - 1932

Dir: Dillion; Cast: Rowland, Todd.  Drama with some scenes set in New Orleans. 


Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu - 2005

Dir: Leman; Cast: Foyer, Bolen. Horror thriller with some scenes set in backwoods Louisiana.


Call to Fly

Call to Fly - 2005

Dir: Falcon; Cast: MacFarlane, Weatherford. Sports comedy partially filmed in New Orleans.



Calling, The - 2009

Dir: Ranghelli. Documentary about faith and religious beliefs with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.


Calvin Peter Thompson - 1979 - Dir: Whitehead. Documentary filmed in the rural regions of central Louisiana.

Cameo Kirby 1914

Cameo Kirby - 1914

Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co. Dir: Apfel; Cast:  Farnum, Montague; Rel: Dec. 24, 1914.  Set in and partially filmed in antebellum New Orleans.

Cameo Kirby 1923

Cameo Kirby - 1923

Fox Film. Dir: Ford; Cast: Gilbert, Olmstead.  Drama with stock Mardi Gras footage from New Orleans. 


Cameo Kirby 1930

Cameo Kirby - 1930

Dir: Cummings; Cast: Murray, Terris. Film set in New Orleans, SUPPOSEDLY with stock Mardi Gras footage.


Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura - 2017

Dir: Koontz; Cast: Denham, Bobyleva. Horror filmed in Baton Rouge.


Camera Store

Camera Store - 2017

Dir: Smith; Cast: Larroquette, Rhys-Davies. Drama filmed in Kenner at the Esplanade Mall and around Louisiana.


Camp Cool Kids

Camp Cool Kids - 2017

Dir: Arnold; Cast: Rosen, Shroyer. Family outdoors filmed at Camp Istrouma and around Baton Rouge.



Campaign, The - 2012

Dir: Roach; Cast: Ferrell, Galifianakis. Comedy partially filmed in New Orleans.


Campin' Buddies

Campin' Buddies - 2014

Dir: Logan; Cast: Most, Lester. Comedy filmed in Shreveport and Bastrop.


Campin' Buddies trailer

Campin' Buddies Trailer - 2015

Dir: Logan; Cast: Bertrand, Broughton. Straight to video comedy filmed in Shreveport.


Campus Capers - 1942 - Dir:  Cowan; Cast: Teagarden & Orchestra.  Musical short featuring college and gridiron songs from bowl games including the 1941 Sugar Bowl at Tulane Stadium New Orleans.

Campus Confidential

Campus Confidential - 2005

Dir: Mayron; Cast: Romano, Pratt. Made for TV family comedy filmed in Kenner and New Orleans.


Canal Street Madame

Canal Street Madame - 2010

Dir: Yates; Cast: Maier. Documentary about the FBI raid on Jeanette Maier's family run brothel filmed in New Orleans.


Candyman 2

Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh - 1995

Dir: Condon; Cast: Todd, Rowan.  Horror thriller set in and partially filmed in New Orleans.


Cane River

Cane River - 1982

Dir: Jenkins; Cast: Romain, Myrick. Historic drama about the creation of the creole culture filmed in and around Natchitoches parish and New Orleans.


Cannibal Cop

Cannibal Cop - 2017

Dir: Farmer; Cast: Phillips, Jonah. Horror partially filmed in New Orleans.


Can't Stop the Water - 2013 - Dir: Ferris, Ferris. Documentary about the coastal erosion which is eliminating the Isle de Jean Charles, which is the ancestrial grounds of the Biloxi-Chitamacha-Choctaw Indians filmed on the Isle de Jean Charles.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel* - 2019

Dir: Boden, Fleck; Cast: Larson, Jackson. Adventure sci/fi partially filmed in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


Capture the Campers - 2015 - Dir: Stephenson; Cast: Hart, Ice. Short comedy filmed in Covington.

Caravan Film

Caravan Film, The - 2015

Dir: McMaster. Documentary about a caravan of carriages and horseback riders travel from California to Florida partially filmed in Louisiana.


Card Fate - 2014 - Dir: Abercrumbia; Cast: Pierre, Ford. Short horror filmed in Shreveport.


Carjacked - 2011

Dir: Bonito; Cast: Bello, Dorff. Comedy, crime, thriller filmed in Baton Rouge.


Carlisle Floyd's Willie Stark - 2008 - Dir: Kraman; Cast: Jesse, Anderson. Music drama filmed in Baton Rouge.

Carmen Jones

Carmen Jones - 1954

Dir: Preminger; Cast: Belafonte, Dandridge. Musical with some scenes set in Louisiana.


Carnival in Black and White - 1915 - Coquille Film Co. - Cast: Faure, Leveque. Mardi Gras comedy filmed in New Orleans at St. Charles Hotel tea garden and Congo Square.

Carnivorous - 2008 - See Lockjaw: Rise of Kulev Serpent, 2008.

Carpe Diem - 2009 - Dir: Ramsaur; Cast: Birmingham, Burt. Short drama musical filmed in Shreveport.

Casey's Shadow

Casey’s Shadow - 1978

Dir: Ritt; Cast: Matthau, Smith. Drama filmed partially in Lafayette.


Cat and the Canary

Cat and Canary* - 1939

Dir: Nugent; Cast: Hope, Goddard. Comedy horror set in New Orleans. 



Cat People

Cat People* - 1982

Dir: Schrader; Cast: Kinski, McDowell. Drama horror set in New Orleans and filmed around New Orleans, Audubon Zoo and Slidell.


Cat Run 2

Cat Run 2 - 2014

Dir: Stockwell. Cast: Zoli, McAuley. Action comedy filmed in New Orleans.


Catahoula - 2008 - Dir: Dunn, Harveston; Cast: Coleman, Tolano. Drama thriller filmed in Choudrant, Nebo and West Monroe.

Catch .44

Catch .44 - 2011

Dir: Harvey; Cast: Willis, Whitaker. Crime drama filmed in Shreveport.


Catch Hell

Catch Hell - 2014

Dir: Phillippe; Cast: Phillippe, Barford, Russo. Crime drama filmed in Baton Rouge.


Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can - 2002

Dir: Spielberg; Cast: DiCaprio, Hanks. Biographical crime drama with some scenes set in Louisiana.


Cattle Call

Cattle Call - 2016

Dir: Varela; Cast: Bordelon, Bujan. Short drama filmed in New Orleans.



Caught Up

Caught Up - 2016

Dir: Williams; Cast: Perideaux, Zanelotti. Short crime drama filmed in Shreveport and Bossier City.


Cause and Effect the Scagleon Stories - 2017 - Dir: Cintron; Cast: Joseph, Torrellas. Action partially filmed in New Orleans.

Celebrity Vampire Baseball - 2010 - Dir: Swider, Volpati. Cast: Arata, Arrington. TV movie filmed in New Orleans and Metairie at Zephyr's Stadium.


Chameleon - 2010

Dir: Salome; Cast: Janssen, Barkin. Biography drama thriller filmed partially in Baton Rouge.


Chameleon Club

Chameleon Club - 2011

Dir: Clements. Documentary about the influence of a music venue upon various musical groups partially filmed in Lafayette.


Change - 2002 - Dir: DiLeo; Cast: Joly, O’Brien. Short filmed in New Orleans.


Chaperone - 2011

Dir: Herek; Cast: Levesque, Corrigan. Comedy filmed in New Orleans.



Charlie - 2018

Dir: Kennon; Cast: Alonzo, Bullard. Short drama filmed in Natchitoches.


Chasing the Dream - 2009 - Dir: Jan; Cast: Androl, Dickey. Documentary drama with some scenes filmed in Choctaw and New Orleans.

Chasing the Shadows

Chasing the Shadows - 2009

Dir: Schultz. Documentary looks at the possibility of ghosts partially filmed in Louisiana.




Chatter: Paranormal Twist - 2013 -

Dir: Mullins; Cast: Carriere, Meske. Short horror filmed in New Orleans.


Cheerleader Camp - 2007 - Dir: Green; Cast: Murray, Pivaronas. Made for TV comedy filmed in Shreveport.


Chef - 2014

Dir: Favreau; Cast: Favreau, Downey Jr., Johansson. Comedy partially filmed in New Orleans.


Child Advocates

Child Advocates Undoing Racism - 2017

Dir: Harkness. Documentary partially filmed in New Orleans.


Child of Glass

Child of Glass - 1978

Dir: Erman; Cast: Barrie, McGuire.  Drama filmed partially in New Orleans.



Children of St Anne

Children of St. Anne - 1913

Majestic - Rel: May 6, 1913 - Dir: McGill; Cast: Lyman, Kimbell, Hale. Set in old Louisiana but filmed in Florida.


Children Were Watching - 1961 - Dir: Leacock. Documentary about the intergration of 9th Ward schools filmed in New Orleans.

Chipotle Mayo

Chipotle Mayo - 2014

Dir: Harmon; Cast: Britz, Bryan. Short comedy filmed in New Orleans and Harvey.



Chitimacha, The - 1995 -

Dir: Pitre. Short documentary explaining the origins, legends and folkways of the Chitimacha. NOTE: This film can be purchased here - https://www.coteblanche.com/store/the-chitimacha-dvd


Chosen - 2014

Dir: Dale; Cast: Chapman, Hardy. Thriller filmed in New Orleans.


Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel - 2012

Dir: Herzlinger; Cast: Sorbo, Reese. TV movie filmed in Hammond.


Christmas Cupid

Christmas Cupid's Arrow aka Christmas Cupid, The - 2018

Dir: Sellers; Cast: Harnois, Collins. TV movie filmed in Lafayette.


Christmas Holiday

Christmas Holiday - 1944

Dir: Siodmak; Cast: Durbin, Kelly. Film noir set in New Orleans.



Christmas in Louisiana

Christmas in Louisiana - 2019

Dir: Wilson; Cast: Kramer, Kelly. TV movie filmed in New Iberia.



Christmas in the Heartland

Christmas in the Heartland aka Christmas Trap - 2017

Dir: Lowry; Cast: McCormick, Derek. TV movie partially filmed in Baton Rouge.


Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish, A - 2019 -

Dir: Wilson; Cast: Burton, Hilton. TV movie filmed in Ponchatoula.



Chrome Angels - alternate

Chrome Angels aka Cyborg Conquest - 2009

Dir: Scott; Cast: Dash, Farrell. Sci/fi filmed in Lafayette.


Chronophobia - 2010 - Dir: Ferrara; Short animation filmed in New Orleans.

Cigarettes and Nylons

Cigarettes et Bas Nylons a/k/a Cigarettes and Nylons - 2010

Dir: Cazeneuve. Cast: Leroux, Stevenin. French TV movie partially shot in Louisiana through Cote Blanche. NOTE: This film can be purchased here - https://www.coteblanche.com/store/cigarettes-amp-nylons


Cincinnati Kid - French

Cincinnati Kid, The - 1965

Dir: Jewison; Cast: McQueen, Robinson. Drama filmed and set in New Orleans and Covington. World premiere in New Orleans October 15, 1965.  


Cinerama Holiday

Cinerama Holiday - 1955

Dir: Bendick; Cast: Weldon, Marsh. Travelogue documentary with some scenes filmed in New Orleans including the Second Free Mission Baptist Church, Lafayette Cemetery and the Absinthe House.


Circe the Enchantress

Circe the Enchantress - 1924

Tiffany Film. Dir: Leonard; Cast: Murray, Kirkwood.  Drama with scenes set in New Orleans.



Cirque du Freak

Cirque du Freak: the Vampire's Assistant - 2009

Dir: Weitz; Cast: Massoglia, Reilly. Action adventure fantasy thriller filmed partially in Baton Rouge, Folsom and New Orleans including Lusher Charter School.


City Hall 1898City Hall - 1898

American Mutoscope; Rel: Feb. 1898. Filmed in New Orleans.


Claire - 2014 - Dir: Wood; Cast: Cummings, DeStephen. Short horror filmed in New Orleans.

Clarence John Laughlin: An Artist With a Camera - 2009 - Dir: Frierson, Murphy. Documentary follows the career of Clarence John Laughlin filmed in New Orleans.

Class Rank

Class Rank - 2017

Dir: Stoltz; Cast: Chenoweth, Gisondo. Comedy romance filmed in Alexandria and Pineville.


Classic Restoration

Classic Restoration - 2016

Dir: Gaudet; Cast: Acosta, Aristidis. Short filmed in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs.



Classified - 2016

Dir: Dylan, McMahon; Cast: Braud, Cipro. Short horror filmed in New Orleans.


Claude et Albert - 2004 - Dir: Wren. Short documentary filmed in Louisiana for release in Ireland.


Cleaner - 2007

Dir: Harlin; Cast: Jackson, Harris. Crime mystery thriller filmed in Bossier City and Shreveport.


Cleansing - 2008 - Dir: Harrel; Cast: Allen, Bewton. Short drama filmed in Winnfield.

Clementine Hunter's World

Clementine Hunter's World - 2016

Dir: Shiver. Short documentary filmed in Natchitoches.


Click advance

Click - 2006

Dir: Coraci; Cast: Sandler, Beckinsale. Adventure comedy drama with some scenes filmed in Shreveport.


Click French

Click, The 1985

Dir: Richard, Barnett. Cast: Guerin, Kalfon.   Thriller filmed in New Orleans. Original release as Le Declic in French, but also released as Lady Doll and a racier version as The Turn On.



Client, The - 1994

Dir: Schumacher; Cast: Sarandon, Jones. Thriller set in and partially filmed in New Orleans.


Climb Every Mountain

Climb Every Mountain: Sound of Music Revisited - 2017

Dir: Schalle; Cast: Gatica, Ledet. Musical documentary partially filmed in Westlake.


Climbing Out - 2002 - Dir: Finkel; Cast: Zissis. Short drama filmed in New Orleans.

Closed to InterpretationClosed to Interpretation - 2017

Dir: Manuel. Short documentary filmed in New Orleans.


Clover's Rebellion

Clover’s Rebellion - 1917

Vitagraph. Dir:  North; Cast:  Stewart, Cameron. Romantic comedy partially filmed in New Orleans. Exteriors were filmed under the working title of 'Rebellion'.

Clown That Scraped the Sky, The - 2015 - Dir: Rakich; Cast: Basmajian, Dessingue. Short comedy partially filmed in New Orleans.

Clowns and Robbers

Clowns & Robbers - 2018

Dir: Falbaum; Cast: Hargrove Jr., Landry. Comedy drama filmed in Shreveport and Bossier City.


Coals to Newcastle

Coals to Newcastle: The New Mastersounds, from Leeds to New Orleans - 2010 -

Dir: Dunsay, Hagenstad; Music documentary about the British band New Mastersounds making the trip to play in New Orleans a year after Hurricane Katrina and partially filmed in New Orleans.


Code 7 - 2007 - Dir: Hutchings; Cast: Maucelli, Bennett. Short drama filmed in New Orleans at the University of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish.

Code of VengeanceCode of Vengeance aka Dalton - 1985

Dir: Rosenthal; Cast: Taylor, Gray. Made for TV action drama partially filmed in New Orleans. This film was split in 2 parts and shown as the pilot episodes for a short lived (4 episodes) tv series of the same name.


Codename Silencer

Codename:  Silencer aka Body Count - 1995

Dir:  Hsu; Cast:  Davi, Nielsen.  Action thriller filmed and set in New Orleans. Originally released overseas also as The Silencer. In 1997, it was released on DVD in the U.S. as Body Count.


Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture U.S.A. - 2008

Dir: Schooten, Schooten. Documentary about the specialty coffee culture with interview with Albert Peet who started it in 1966, partially filmed in New Orleans.


Coffin, The - 2010 - Cast: Kaufman, Schwartz. Horror filmed and set in southeastern Louisiana.

Cold Moon

Cold Moon - 2016

Dir: Furst; Cast: Stewart, Clark. Horror filmed in Louisiana.


Coldwell SpringColdwell Spring

Dir: Lawrence; Cast: Lundy, Yancey. Crime drama filmed in Jonesboro, New Orleans, Ruston and Jackson parish. Filmed in 2014 but not released yet.



Collector, The - 2009

Dir: Dunstan; Cast: Stewart, Roth. Crime horror thriller filmed in Mansfield and Shreveport.


CollectorsCollectors - 2000

Dir: Hobbs; Documentary partially filmed in Baton Rouge.



College - 2008

Dir: Hagan, Cast: Bell, Covais. Comedy filmed in New Orleans.


Columbia Musical Travelark: Wonders of New Orleans - 1957 - see Wonders of New Orleans


Columbiana - 2011

Dir: Megaton; Cast: Saldana, Vartan. Crime drama partially filmed in New Orleans.


Come Hell or High Water

Come Hell or High Water - 2009

Dir: Grand. Documentary about Hurricane Katrina filmed in New Orleans.


Comic Relief - 2006 - Dir: Miller. TV comedy movie to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina partially filmed in New Orleans.

Committing Poetry

Committing Poetry in Times of War - 2007

Dir: Stavros. History documentary partially filmed in Lafayette.


Compression - 2004 - Dir: Gural. Cast: Starr. Short mystery filmed in New Orleans at Tulane University.

Con Air

Con Air - 1997

Dir: West; Cast: Cage, Cusack. Action crime thriller with some scenes set in Louisiana.


Concrete Burn - 2017 - Dir: Young. Action filmed in New Orleans.

Confederate Gibralter a/k/a/ Ft. Derussy Confederate Gibralter - 2014 - Dir: Veade. Short history documentary about Ft. Derussy when 350 Confederates soldiers faced 10,000 Union soldiers filmed at Ft. Derussy in Marksville, the battlefield in Pleasant Hill and around Avoyelles parish.


Confessions of a Hollywood Stuntman - 2014

Dir: Davis; Biography drama about the life and adversities of B. J. Davis, Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Famer, with two standing world records partially filmed in New Orleans and Shreveport.


Conservation Parade - 1917 - Diamond Film Co.  Documentary filmed in New Orleans.


Consequence - 2015

Dir: George, Nguyen; Cast: Kobrin, Nemeth. drama filmed in New Orleans.


Continental Grain Elevator Explosion

Continental Grain Elevator Explosion - 2007

Dir: Anderson; documentary on the explosion at the Continental Grain Elevators filmed in Westwego, Gretna, New Orleans and Metairie.


Continental Guards, The  - 1902 - Selig Polyscope.  Filmed in New Orleans. 


Contraband - 2012

Dir: Kormakur; Cast: Wahlberg, Beckinsale. Crime drama partially filmed Barataria Blvd in Marrero, 400 block of Hamilton in Gretna, various locations in Algiers, Avondale container yards, and around New Orleans.



Convicts - 1991

Dir: Masterson; Cast: Duvall, Haas. Drama filmed at Home Place Plantation in Hahnville.


Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar - 2016

Dir: O'Neal Jr.; Cast: Cook, Dafnis. Short crime drama filmed in Shreveport.


Cool Dog

Cool Dog - 2010

Dir: Lerner; Cast: Pace, Pare. Family filmed in Shreveport.



Corkscrewed - 2018

Dir: Adams III; Cast: Adams, Ghods. Short comedy filmed in Gretna.



Corregidor - 2013

Dir: Kissinger; Cast: Casey, Gaudin. Short action drama filmed in Ponchatoula.


Cottonmouth Creek

Cottonmouth Creek - 2009

Dir: Augustini, McGuire; Cast: Adele, Barnhart. Horror filmed in Bossier City, Ringgold and Minden.


Couchsurfing Film Project

Couchsurfing Film Project - 2009

Dir: Boserup. Travel documentary partially filmed in New Orleans for release in Denmark.


Could This Be Love

Could This Be Love - 2014

Dir: Lamberto; Cast: Sidora, Sutton. Drama romance filmed Grand Isle, Global Wildlife in Folsom and New Orleans.


Countess of Baton Rouge

Countess of Baton Rouge - 1998

Dir: Forcier; Cast: Aubert, Brouillette. Canadian romantic comedy partially set in Louisiana.


Courage to Love

Courage to Love - 2000

Dir: Skogland; Cast: Williams, Bellows. Historical romantic drama tv movie set in 19th century New Orleans.



Courier, The - 2012

Dir: Abu-Assad; Cast: Rourke, Morgan. Crime thriller partially filmed in New Orleans.


Cover Me

Cover Me - 2018

Dir: Seidule; Cast: Pierre, Jr., Ballad. Drama filmed in Baton Rouge and Port Allen.


Cowboy and Indiana

Cowboy & Indiana - 2018

Dir: Ray; Cast: Girard, Horsley. Rodeo drama filmed at the Monroe Civic Center, around Monroe, West Monroe and Bastrop.


Crack Era

Crack Era - 2015

Dir: Burton; Cast: Burton, Burton. Short musical filmed in New Orleans.



Cradle of Stars

Cradle of the Stars: Story of the Louisiana Hayride  - 1984

Narrator: Hank Williams Jr.documentary of the Shreveport music program that made the stars. NOTE: this film available here: https://www.oldies.com/product-view/10797N.html?c=gbase


Crawfishin' For a Compliment - 2016 - Dir: Stirling; Cast: Rudolph. Short filmed in New Orleans.

Crazy in Alabama

Crazy in Alabama - 1999

Dir: Banderas; Cast: Griffith, Morse. Comedy drama partially filmed in Houma and New Orleans, including Lafitte Blacksmith Shop.


Crazy Legs Conti

Crazy Legs Conti: Zen & Art of Competitive Eating - 2004

Dir:  Franco; Dir:  Booker, Conti.   Documentary about becoming a professional eater partially filmed in New Orleans.


Crazy Stairs - 2010 - Dir: Daigle; Cast: Campo, Harris. Short horror filmed in New Orleans.

Created Equal

Created Equal - 2017

Dir: Duke; Cast: Phillips, Williams. TV drama filmed in New Orleans.


Creature From Black Lake

Creature from Black Lake (a/k/a Demon from the Lake) - 1976

Dir: Houck, Jr.; Cast: Elam, Taylor.  Horror drama filmed in Bossier City, Oil City and Shreveport.


Creatures of God

Creatures of God - 2015

Dir: Parker; Cast: Alexander, Boucher. Short dark comedy filmed in Chalmette and New Orleans.



Creepers - 2014

Dir: Lyddon, Kipp, Lamberson, Walker; Cast: Ashton, Creanzo. Horror partially filmed in New Orleans.


Creole Controversy - 1989 - Dir: Snyder. WLAE tv documentary filmed in Louisiana. 

Creoles of Cane River - 2005 - Dir: Rodman. Documentary filmed in the Creole communities of Cane River.

Crepe Covered Sidewalks

Crepe Covered Sidewalks - 2008

Dir: Wilson. Documentary about actress Renee Wilson's return home to the devastation and desolation of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina filmed in New Orleans.


Crescent City - 2011 - Dir: Marshall; Cast: Richelson, Marshall. Drama filmed in Baton Rouge, Metairie and New Orleans.

Crimson Gardenia

Crimson Gardenia - 1919

Goldwyn Pictures. Dir: Barker; Cast: Moore, Nova.  Adventure drama set during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


Crooked Line - 2012 - Dir: O'Reilly. Documentary drama about a former drug addict going to live alone in the Amazon partially filmed in New Orleans.


Crossroads - 2002

Dir: Davis; Cast: Spears, Mount. Adventure comedy drama partially filmed in Kenner, Metairie and New Orleans.


Cruel Swamp - 1956 - See Swamp Women, 1956

Cry of the Hunted

Cry of the Hunted - 1953

Dir: Lewis; Cast: Gassman, Sullivan. Drama partially filmed and set in Louisiana bayous.


Cry of the Werewolf

Cry of the Werewolf - 1944

Dir: Levin; Cast: Foch, Crane. Horror set in New Orleans.  



Crypt of Dark Secrets

Crypt of Dark Secrets - 1976

Dir: Weiss; Cast: Tanet, Ridley. Crime horror filmed in New Orleans.


Cuddle Club

Cuddle Club - 2015

Dir: Harmon; Cast: Anderson, Brown. Short comedy filmed in New Orleans.



Culling - 2015

Dir: Branaman; Cast: Sumpter, Davern. Horror filmed around St. Bernard Parish.


Cult of Personality - 2009 - Dir: Schulz, Tallerine. Documentary looks at the New Orleans mayorial election of 2006 filmed in New Orleans.

Cupid and Contraband - 1916 - Times Picayune Motion Picture Department.  Dir:  Griffith; Cast:  Von Eye, Davidson.  Romantic drama filmed in New Orleans featuring one young lady from each of the Times Picayune readership areas.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button - French

Curious Case of Benjamin Button - 2008

Dir: Fincher; Cast: Pitt, Blanchett.  Drama fantasy mystery set in New Orleans and filmed partially in Donaldsonville, Laplace, Mandeville, Morgan City and New Orleans.


Curved III pt. 2 - 2016 - Dir: Crosby; Cast: Espadron, Gray. Short comedy filmed in Gretna, Marrero, Metairie and Baton Rouge.

Cut Off

Cut Off aka Born Again Dead - 2018

Dir: Carbin; Cast: Dourif, Baldwin. Crime drama filmed in Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes.


Cut Up

Cut Up - 1994

Dir: Lyddon, Turick; Cast: Woods, Catalenello. Thriller filmed and set in New Orleans.


Cut to the Chast

Cut to the Chast - 2016

Dir: Weaver; Cast: Greenwood, Cahill. Crime drama filmed in Shreveport and Bossier City.



Cutoff, The - 2014 -

Dir: Robideaux, Zrabkowski; Cast: Eisenzopf, Hoffman. Short drama filmed in Shreveport.


Cutting Loose - 1996 - Dir: Todd, Young; Cast: Erdos, Griffin.  Mardi Gras based documentary filmed in New Orleans.

Cycles of Porn

Cycles of Porn: Sex/Life in L.A. part 2 - 2005

Dir: Hick; Cast: Law, Grey, Nolan. Documentary partially filmed in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


Cypress Edge

Cypress Edge - 1998

Dir: Rodnunsky; Cast: Chapa, Laurence. Straight to video drama thriller filmed in New Orleans.

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