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 Global Cinema Research is an advance research website dedicated to worldwide film accessories and film accessory research. GCR is part of the Learn About Network L.L.C. And while GCR is for members only, we have several large reference sites that are FREE to the public.

Where to Start?
We are currently working on a variety of tutorials to help with how to do specific research and how to utilize our research logs.
While we streamline and consolidate the information, you may need to go to the LAMP Member Section for some of the records

We are in the process of turning on the Documents and Publication Section.
Included will be a section to see old trade magazines and newspaper articles.

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GCR Introduction
Under Construction

Thanks for your patience, we will be under construction for a while.


Visit our sister sites that are FREE to the public!
Largest reference site on the internet with 1000s of articles on worldwide film accessories. 10 Years Online
Movie Poster Data Base
The ONLY cross referenced  database on film accessories  with over 190,000 titles and  over 90,000 movie posters.
Silent Studio Directory
Documenting over 3000 silent studios and distributors worldwide

Movie Stills Archive
Over 100,000 movie stills for  research of all types from silent  to the 1960s -
Coming Soon!