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France Firsts


France First in Film

The first presentation of film in France was made on March 22, 1895 by Lumiere Bros. before the Societe d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale at 44 rue de Rennes, Paris
The first film produced in France was la Sortie des Usines in 1894.
The first feature film over 1 hour was L'Enfant Prodigue in 1907.
The first feature length 'talkie' in was Les Trois Masques in 1929.

Other Firsts

The first European feature film scripted for the screen was a 4 reel version of Les Miserables in 1909 produced by Pathe.

The first nude subject was Bain de la Mondaine released in 1895, made by Henri Joly of Paris for presentation in Kinetoscope peep-show machines.
The first actress to appear on screen in the nude was Jehanne d'Alcy in Georges Melies Apres le Balle Tub released in 1897.
The first pornographic film, which can be dated, is A l'Ecu d'Or ou la Bonne Auberge released in 1908.
The first person ever paid to play a comedy role in a film was M. Clerc, a gardener employed by the Lumiere Brothers for the film L' Arroseur Arrose in 1895.
The first woman director was Alice Guy who was Leon Gaumont's secretary, who made her film debut in 1896 with La Fee Aux Choux.



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