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France Production & Distribution

You may ask.... why would production and distribution be important to a poster collector..... Believe me... IT IS....ESPECIALLY in the International market.

The line of logos across the bottom of the poster tells us a GREAT deal... Normally, the distribution company is the logo to the bottom right, with production and other information across the bottom. Quite often, the distributor can identify which release and sometimes (when you're not sure) which country it was released in. Sometimes the poster is printed in one country to be used in another.

Take for example: the Spanish release of An Officer and a Gentleman. You would normally think that it would have a "Spanish" distributor, but if you take a closer look at this Spanish release, across the bottom border is a Paramount logo on the left which was the distributor for the US and had controlling distribution for Europe.. but on the bottom right corner says Cinema International Corporation.

Cinema International Corp. is a UK based distribution company that produced the posters for a chain, later known as UCI which owns theaters in UK, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal AND Spain.

This means that there was also a DIFFERENT poster that was distributed to OTHER theaters in Spain distributed by a Spanish distributor. (unfortunately I haven't found it yet.. but I'll post it when I do)

We will list the Companies as we add them to our database. Next to the company name will be a link to our MPDB to show what posters we have from them so far. As we can compile histories on each company, we will add a link to an information page on them.

We apologize for such a small starting list but we will continue to add production and distribution information in hopes that it will assist you in identifying unusual releases.

Ad Vitam - MPDB

Argos Films - MPDB

BAC Films - MPDB

Centre National de la Cinematographie - MPDB

Columbia Films S.A. - MPDB

Columbia TriStar Films - MPDB

CTV International - MPDB

Europa Corp. Distribution - MPDB

France 2 Cinema - MPDB

France 3 Cinema - MPDB

Francos Films - MPDB

Gaumont International - MPDB

La Societe des Films Sirius - MPDB

Madeleine Films - MPDB

Marianne Productions S. A. - MPDB

Metropolitan Filmexport - MPDB

MK2 Diffusion - MPDB

Parafrance Films - MPDB

Paramount - MPDB

Parc Film - MPDB

Paris Film - MPDB

Pathe Cinema - MPDB

Pyramide Distribution - MPDB

Renn Productions - MPDB

Rome Paris Films - MPDB

Societe Francaise de Production - MPDB

Sonis - MPDB

TFM Distribution - MPDB

Union Generale Cinematographique - MPDB

Warner Bros. - MPDB



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