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Dealer Map
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Currency -
Swiss Franc
Conversion Rate
Alternate Payments
Western Union
2004 Population -7,433,000
Language - French, German and Italian (and others)
Capital - Berne
Shipping and Postal Information
Industry Information
Movie Industry in Switzerland
Production Studios in Switzerland
Distribution Companies in Switzerland
Studio Notes and Oddities
Censorship Board in Switzerland
Film Ratings in Switzerland
Swiss Artists
Swiss Film Commission
Poster Information


Here are the most common poster sizes:

15x23 - this is the most common smaller size.

25x40 - this is the most common size and used as the one sheet.

35x50 - this is the larger size poster.


Reissues and Reproductions

Reproductions are not common but, because of the rising popularity, I expect to see some soon.


LAMP Sponsors in Switzerland

MovieArt GmbH

For more information on Switzerland, click here or on our Dealers Map

To see what Swiss posters that we have in our database, click here. The green dollar mark means that one of our dealers have that poster for sale.

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