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The Carry On films were the most commercially successful and most popular long-running series of low-budget comedy films that were ever released in the UK. They were directed by Gerald Thomas, produced by Peter Rogers and made at Pinewood Studios.

There was no Star of the series, the films relied on a repertoire of comedy actors which changed gradually over the years. The films' were done in music hall style with poking fun at British institutions, customs and films.

From 1958 to 1962 the films' screenplays were written by Norman Hudis and mostly shot in black and white. In 1963, Talbot Rothwell took over the role of screenwriter. The films featured more explicit sexual jokes and situations.

With the 70s came a change in public viewing habits. There was more violence and nudity in films and the Carry On series started to decline in the quality of the films and their popularity. Rothwell stepped down as writer in 1974, and the quality of the series took a sharp downturn. British society had changed significantly and Carry On humour seemed out-dated.

There were 2 earlier Carry On films that were of no relations to the Carry On series.. Carry On London in 1937 and Carry On Admiral in 1957, however the idea for the name and the concept was supposedly derived from Carry On Admiral.

Here are the Carry On Films:


Carry On Sergeant
recuits in National Service - released 2nd in US in 1960
Carry On Nurse
top grossing film in the UK for 1959
first film released in US in 1960
Carry On Teacher  
Carry On Constable first Carry On film to have nudity
1961 Carry On Regardless  
1962 Carry On Cruising the first colour Carry On film
1963 Carry On Cabby
Carry On Taxi
back to black and white
1963 Carry On Jack back to colour
1964 Carry On Spying back to black and white

Carry On Cleo
Caligula: Funniest Home Videos
all remaining in colour
see Database Trivia
US video title
1965 Carry On Cowboy  
Carry On Screaming
Carry On Vampire
spoof of Hammer films
Don't Lose Your Head
Carry On Don't Lose         Your Head
Carry On Pimpernel
legal issues when distribution moved from Anglo Amalgamated to Rank. Carry On named added back in reissues - Scarlet Pimpernel spoof
Follow That Camel
Carry On in the Legion
Carry On Follow That Camel
Sid James had a heart attack just before production, Phil Silvers was added for better US market.
Carry On Doctor
Sid James returned but was in bed during the film because of this recent heart attack
1968 Carry On Up the Khyber  
1969 Carry On Camping  
1969 Carry On Again Doctor  
Carry On Up the Jungle
Carry On Up the Congo
1970 Carry On Loving  
Carry On Henry
Carry On Henry VIII
Carry On At Your Convenience
Carry On Round the Bend
1972 Carry On Matron  
Carry On Abroad
A Mad Holiday!
1973 Carry On Girls  
1974 Carry On Dick Dick Turbin spoof
1975 Carry On Behind  
1976 Carry On England  
1978 Carry On Emmanuelle  
1992 Carry On Columbus  
2007 Carry On London new film in production

Unofficial Carry Ons

Watch Your Stern
What a Carry On: Watch Your Stern
Gerald Thomas directing -
video title
Twice Round the Daffodils
What a Carry On: Twice Round the Daffodils
Gerald Thomas directing -
video title
Nurse On Wheels
Carry On, Nurse On Wheels
 aka What a Carry On:Nurse on Wheels
Gerald Thomas directing
The Big Job
What a Carry On: the Big Job
Gerald Thomas directing -
video title
That's Carry On
Gerald Thomas directing -
compilation of skits from the Carry On Series


Carry On TV Specials

Carry On Christmas 1969
Carry On Again Christmas 1969
Carry On Christmas 1972
What A Carry On! 1973
Carry On Christmas 1973
Carry On Laughing’s Christmas Classics 1983
Carry On Banging 1989

Carry On Laughing - TV series shown in 1975

The Prisoner Of Spenda
The Baron Outlook
The Sobbing Cavalier
Orgy And Bess
One In The Eye for Harold
The Nine Old Cobblers
The Case Of The Screaming Winkles
The Case Of The Coughing Parrot
Under The Round Table
Short Knight, Long Daze
And In My Lady's Chamber
Who Needs Kitchener
Lamp Posts Of The Empire

Carry On Campus - 1998 TV Series

Carry On Stage Specials

Carry On London 1973 and 1975
Carry On Laughing with the ‘Slimming Factory’ 1976
What A Carry On In Blackpool 1992


Hong Kong produced a group kung fu comedy films

1975 - Carry On Con Men
1980 - Carry On Wiseguy
1982 - Carry On Pickpocket
1985 - Carry On Doctors and Nurses
1988 - Carry On Hotel
1989 - Carry On Yakuza

Others Using the Name in the UK

1961 - Dentist on the Job - aka Carry On TV
2004 - Carry On Calling - Gay and Lesbian Call Line documentary


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