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UK Production & Distribution

The history of the production companies of the UK are quite eratic. One of the contributing factors was the interruptions in the industry due to both World Wars. Another was the use of moritoriums and 'Quota Quickies' in the attempts to restart the industry.

In the list below, click on the company name to see the history and on our MPDB link to see the films for that company that we have listed in our archive.

Here are the production and distribution companies that we have identified so far:

Amicus - MPDB

Anchor Films - MPDB

Anglia Films

Anglo-Amalgamated Productions - MPDB

Artificial Eye - MPDB

Associated British Films - MPDB

Associated British Pictures Corp. (ABPC) - MPDB

Associated British-Pathe Ltd. - see Pathe - MPDB

Associated London Films - MPDB

Autoscope Co.

Beaconsfield Productions - MPDB

Big Ben Films - see Union Film Publishing Co.

British and Colonial Kinematograph Co. Ltd. - MPDB

British and Dominions Film Co. - MPDB

British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) - MPDB

British Film Institute (BFI) - MPDB

British International Pictures (BIP) - MPDB

British Lion Film Corp. - MPDB

British National Films - see John Maxwell

British National Films - MPDB

British Pathe - see Pathe

British Screen - MPDB

Bryanston Pictures - MPDB

Buena Vista International - MPDB

Carlton International Media Ltd. - MPDB

Charles Urban Trading Co. (Urbanora) - MPDB

Cinema International Corp. - MPDB

Cricks and Martin

Cricks and Sharp

Dan Curtis Productions - MPDB

Dan Films - MPDB

Dispatch Film Service - MPDB

Ealing Studio - MPDB

Elder-Dalrymple Films

EMI Films Ltd. - MPDB

Eros Films Ltd - MPDB

French Pathe Company

Gainsborough Pictures - MPDB

Gaumont British Picture Corporation Ltd. - MPDB

General Film Distributors - MPDB

George Clark Productions - MPDB

Hammer Film Productions - MPDB

Handmade Films Ltd. - MPDB

Hepworth Co. - MPDB

Incorporated Television Company (ITC) - MPDB

J. Arthur Rank Films - MPDB

Lion International Films - MPDB

London Film Company - MPDB

London Film Productions - MPDB

Lubin Co. - MPDB

Lutwig Blattner Film Corp.

M P Sales Agency Ltd - MPDB

Merton Park Studios Ltd. - MPDB

Momentum Pictures - MPDB

Mercury Film Service - MPDB

Optimum Releasing - MPDB

Pathe Distributors - MPDB

Rank Film Organization - MPDB

Redbus Film Distribution - MPDB

Regent Films - see Bayswater - MPDB

Renown Pictures Corp. Ltd. - MPDB

Renters Ltd. - MPDB

Revelution Films - MPDB

Selig Polyscope - MPDB

Seven Arts Production - MPDB

Seven Arts - Hammer - MPDB

Stoll Picture Productions - MPDB

Sealight Film Co. -

Sunny South Film Co. -

Thanhouser Co. - MPDB

Tigon British Film Productions - MPDB

Two Cities Films Ltd. - MPDB

Union Film Publishing Co. - MPDB

Victory Motion Pictures - see Michael Balcon

Warner Pathe Distributors Ltd. - see Pathe - MPDB

Warwick Film Productions Ltd. - MPDB

Western-Finn Feature Film Co. Ltd. - See Bayswater

Woolf & Freedman Film Service (W & F) - MPDB


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