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Ludwig Blattner Film Corp.

Ludwig Blattner was a brilliant technician and had purchased a magnetic sound recorder that was invented by Dr. Kurt Stiles in Germany. He renamed it the Blattnerphone and formed the Ludwig Blattner Film Corp.

He purchased the Neptune Studios in 1928, with the intent of creating sound on films. However there were a lot more problems than he anticipated and pressure was on in the film industry because sould equipment was rapidly being installed in studios.

Numerous films were made at the Neptune Studios. In fact, Herbert Wilcox, whose Imperial Studios was located just down the road in 'Elstree Studios' shot Wolves with Dorothy Gish at the Neptune Studio while his sound equipment was being installed and added the sound AFTER the film was shot.

In addition to all the confusion, in 1931, Blattner released his 'Book Reader' which was an ingenious device to help blind people with books.

As brilliant as Blattner was, he wasn't a good businessman and unfortunately the banks repossed the studio in 1932. Blattner couldn't take the failure and committed suicide at his country club by hanging himself in the closet.

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