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the Movie Industry of Europe
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Europe, the planet's 6th largest continent, includes (46) countries, and a few dependencies, territories and regions.

Europe is really not a continent, but part of the peninsula of Euroasia, which includes all of Europe and Asia. However, geographers refer to it as an individual continent.

Europe is separated from Asia by Russia's Ural Mountains in the east, and the Caspian and Black Seas in the southeast.

Europe's highest point is Mt. Elbrus in European Russia at 18,481 ft (5,633m), just north of the Georgia/Russian border.

Europe's lowest point is on the surface of the Caspian Sea, at 92 ft (28m) below sea level.

Europe is approximately 3,837,081 sq. miles (9,938,000 sq. km) which is about 6.7% of the earths land. The 2001 population of Europe was approximately 730,916,000.

Turkey and the Russian Federation are considered a part of both Asia and Europe;


European Film Industry


In the early 1890's, French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere developed their own projection invention. On February 13, 1895, they patented their first projection machine, and on March 28, 1895, their first film, Lunch Hour at the Lumiere Factory was shown to the Societe d'Encouragement de L'lndustrie Nationale. On December 28, 1895, in the Salon Indien of the Grand Cafe, 14 Boulevard des Capucines, the Lumieres presented the first short film to be projected on a screen publicly in front of an audience. The film was titled LArrivee d'un Train en gare, and consisted of scenes of a train arriving at a station.

Soon movies were being shown in all major cities throughout Europe.

The European industry stayed one step ahead of the United States in it's develpement until WWI destroyed the European industry. The US film industry wasn't affected and actually increased after the war. While the film industry of each European country tried to re-establish itself after each war, the US films filled the void, developing a dominance. Some countries actually placed moritoriums on the importing of US films trying to give their own industries a chance to recuperate.

European Film Trivia

The first acheivement award for a film by name was held in1907 in Italy by the Lumiere Brothers. The Ambrosio production of Giovanni Vitrotti's Il Cane Riconoscente (It 07) was awarded a gold plaque.

The first monetary International award was also by Ambrosio Productions at the International Exhibition at Turin in 1912. The film was After Fifty Years (It 12) and won the grand prize of 25,000 francs.

European Countries Online

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