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The Combo poster is very popular in the UK. It's almost always a Quad size that is used for the combo.

British Combo posters are a lot different than combo posters issued in the US... for example: when Combo posters are issued in America, some B films are issued in combo to secondary markets..... BUT when a major film title is involved, they are always a reissue. This is NOT the case for British Combo posters

Quite often a single quad would be issued for the major cities, then when the film was released in the rural areas, it would be released with a secondary film and combo posters issued. This would be the initial release for those theaters but only have combo posters available.

This system of distribution has created some unique problems in the collectors market. Because of the marketing strategy of issuing first run films in rural areas and only issuing combo posters, you have a common occurance of SOME quad combo posters being cut in half by theater managers because they only wish to show ONE of the 2 releases but only have the combo posters available. NOTE: the beautiful Holy Grail double crown on the left is actually a cut Quad Combo. This would be equivilent to an American theater cutting a one sheet combo down the middle to try to create an Insert. (not to say that this has never been tried by a small theater manager). The difference is that in the UK, it is quite common because of the lack of optional materials....

The layout of combo posters vary, of course, from one promotion to the other. A major film shown with a lot smaller release would have a combo poster produced where the major film was most of the poster and the minor release could just be a tag or a smaller piece of the poster. Equal size films would normally produce equal space on the poster.

NOTE: A combo poster is normally 2 feature films. A film released with a cartoon, short or featurette is NOT normally considered a combo poster.

For more information, see our article on the Unique problems in the British collectors market. Also see our article on Double Crown posters.

Here's a look at the British combo posters in our archive.

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