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British Film Legends

This section is to honor the Legends in the film industry and the stories behind them, both real and created. These are the ones on the silver screen that people love to see. We will be presenting them in 2 ways;

If they have the 'bio' beside the name, then we have a full write up on that name.

If it doesn't have 'bio' beside the name, then we have an alphabetical listing of the movies that they released hooked directly to the database so you can see posters from their films.

Andrews, Julie

Beatles - bio

Bogarde, Dirk

Bond, James - bio

Carry On - series bio

Chaplin, Charlie - bio

Cushing, Peter - bio

Guiness, Alec - bio

Lee, Christopher - bio

Lockwood, Margaret

Mother Riley

Sellers, Peter - bio


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