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Shoreham Studio

Shoreham Studio was actually started with NO STUDIO by 4 friends living in Shoreham By Sea in Sussex. Shoreham By Sea was a small community that had become a get-away for theater people because of the clean air and quaint atmostphere. Francis Leonard Lyndhurst (artist), Will Evans (comedian), Arthur Conquest (comedian), and George Graves (comedian), set up to film comedy shorts using the seaside and Shoreham Fort, (an experimental fort built in 1857) as the backdrop for their films. They called their company Sunny South Film Co. and made a few open air films in 1914.

In 1915 Lyndhurst took control of the company, changed the name to Sealight Film Co. and built Shoreham Studio. It was initially a huge greenhouse measuring 45x75 with a 30 foot ceiling(shown above).

Unfortunately the outbreak of World War I curtailed any additional progress and Lyndhurst sold Shoreham in 1916 to the Olympic Kine Trading Company. Again because of the war, nothing was produced at the studio until it was purchased in 1918 by Sidney Morgan with The Progress Film Company.

Shoreham was the only remaining studio in the UK that relied on daylight for filming after World War I.

Morgan moved his production to Shoreham. He purchased additional land and started expanding the facilities, by adding a joiner's shop, darkroom facilities, a preview theatre and cast and crew accommodation. Morgan released his films through Butcher's Film Service and produced approximately 20 films there.

In 1922, Shoreham caught fire and burned to the ground. Financial pressure from technological advancements kedt Morgan from rebuilding.

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