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Thanhouser Company

Thanhouser was a US film company, see Thanhouser in our US History Section, that opened their London offices in 1913 at 100 Charing Cross Road in Westminster. The managing director was Paul Kimberley.

Kimberley formed Imperial Films with Thanhouser as a British production arm.

From June 1915 until February 1917, their offices were located at 166-168 Shaftsbury Avenue in Holborn. They then moved to 167-169 Wardour Street in Westminster until they officially closed their offices in 1921.

Thanhouser brands that were distributed in the UK were Princess Films, Falstaff Films and Imperial Films.

Notice the British 3 Sheet shown on the right that was printed by Jordison Co.

We have 2 interviews with the manager of Thanhouser Films in London. One in 1913 and one in 1914. We thought that this was an interesting look at the film industry from the inside at the beginning of WW1. Click Here.

Ned Thanhouser has provided us with a tremendous list of the Thanhouser films that were distributed in the UK with the dates of release. Click Here

For more information on Thanhouser, visit

Here's what we have on Thanhouser films in our archive


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