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In order to create an early "buzz" around a new film, many movie studios will issue what is known as an "advance" or "teaser" movie poster. These advertising materials are distributed to theatres and film distributors well in advance of the film's projected release.

When discussing advances with older collectors, you need to remember that there is a difference between an Advance and a Teaser.

Even though both are used to promote the film before the release, a Teaser has no credit information at all, so teasers are advances BUT not all advances are teasers.

Generally speaking, most advances are released as a one-sheet or two-sheet, although other sizes can be used.

Depending on the film’s promotional plan, the advance sheet may be identical or may differ significantly from the regular issue one-sheet (the one issued with the release of the film).

NOTICE: the advance on the left. This 1918 advance for the Golden Wall is one of the earlier advances that we have on record.

In some cases, the artwork may be completely different and not include the normal credit information, this is called the Teaser.

In some cases, the studio may choose to issue a series of advance sheets – either giving a little more information about a film with each advance, such as the 1992 release of Dracula OR using the series to show the main characters, called Character Advances.

In other cases, the artwork is identical to the regular issue except that it will contain the projected release date. This is also used sometimes as the 'Final Advance' when a series of advances were issued.

While there is no set standard for an advance one-sheet, it will normally have one of these distinctions:

  • The word "Advance" or "Teaser" in the lower bottom corner.

  • The abbreviation "Adv" in the lower bottom corner.

  • Words like "Coming Soon" or "In Theatres This Summer" somewhere on the poster, usually on the bottom.

  • The projected date of release.

  • No or limited credit information.

On films with smaller budgets, only a one poster is issued which is used as both the advance and the regular.

Here's are some samples:

For a list of images of advance posters in our archive, click here.


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