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LAMP Travel Series presents

Born in Georgia
as part of the LAMP Dealer and Travel Map
This will be a growing article as we gather more information.
We will also be working on a filmography to connect to
Fan Club Section or Legends Section.
We will connect them as soon as each article is finished.

Stephen Dorff (Atlanta) - (7/29/1973- ) - actor in numerous films.

Jeff Foxworthy (Atlanta) - (9/6/1958- ) - actor in TV shows.

Stacy Keach (Savannah) - (6/2/1941- ) - actor in numerous films.

DeForrest Kelley (Atlanta) - (1/20/1920-6/11/1999) - actor in numerous films. Known most as 'Bones' McCoy in the Star Trek series and films.

Spike Lee (Atlanta) - born Shelton Jackson Lee (3/20/1957- ) - Independent film producer and director.

Johnny Mercer (Savannah) - (11/18/1909-6/25/1976) - composer of many film and TV lyrics and themes.

Burt Reynolds (Waycross) - (2/11/1936- ) - actor in numerous films.

Purnell Roberts (Waycross) - (5/18/1928- ) - actor in numerous films. Known most as Adam Cartwright from Bonanza and Trapper John from the TV series.

Nipsey Russell (Atlanta) - (10/13/1924- ) - comedian in several TV shows.

Joanne Woodward (Thomasville) - born. Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward (2/27/1930- ) - actress in numerous films.






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