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Victory was started by Sam Katzman and produced a variety of films with such stars as Tom Tyler,Tim McCoy and Herman Brix(later Bruce Bennett).

Their most remembered serial was Shadow of Chinatown with Bela Lugosi.

Most of the Victory productions were directed by Sam Newfield.

Victory Pictures existed between 1935 and 1939.

Here is a list of films in our archive for Victory Pictures.


Here's a real oddity for you....

In 1937, Victory Pictures released a 15 chapter serial called 'Blake of Scotland Yard' which was fairly popular. This film was distributed by Victory and by Ace Pictures, which was a small distributor that distributed a few films in 1936 and 1937. ....

Besides the poster that was issued in 1937, another poster has shown up that has all of the same information EXCEPT.... a few ODD details on it. 1. the Victory logo is different, and the litho plate numbers indicate that the second poster was issued about 9 years later...

now here's the oddity.. 9 years later would be AFTER Victory had closed and was no longer in existance.

Take a look: Here's the logos ... notice that on the first logo from the poster issued in 1937...

Victory name can be seen going down both sides of the angel where on the second, no attempt was made at placing letters, just dots were made.

The Morgan plate numbers on the original release was 11427 was would be consistant with 1937 but on the second release was 29891.... almost 18000 plates later which would be consistant with 1946.

WHY would a poster be rereleased AFTER the company was closed?

Here is our 'assumption'... Blake of Scotland Yard was also distributed by Ace Pictures Corp. which was a small distributor that only distributed a few films in 1936 and 1937 .. BUT they made ONE attempt (that we have found) at a production in 1947 with a film called Heading For Heaven.

Our assumption would be that they rereleased the films that they had distribution rights to (which included Blake of Scotland Yard) in 1946 to raise money for their production.







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