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December Worm Damage

LAMP was hit with a worm in December 2004 that did a tremendous amount of damage. It didn't hit our personal computers, but it hit the servers at our host ReadyHosting.com. It would have been so bad except that it also hit the server which held our backup.

We were only down for 2 days, but when we came back up thousands and thousands of records were gone and we didn't have a backup to replace it...

Sue and I worked feverishly trying to upload as many records as possible. We had to use some older versions of articles and rework some areas...

The primary areas that are still down are the History Section and the Serial Section. We lost about 150 articles in History and we're having to completely redo Serials.

In regular articles, it's easy to tell the older articles. If there are sponsor ads on both sides of the article, then it's an older article. The newer articles only sponsor ads on the left with a maroon background.

We will be updating the older articles as fast as we can, but it's going to take a couple of months to get everything back in order, and some we may not be able to recover.

We are about to put up a special 404 page for errors that will have an email link to alert us of broken links.....Please take the time to email to help us know the areas that we need quicker attention to.




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