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Disney shrinks pressbooks

Disney has always marched to its own drummer.. so to speak. It's been one of those love/hate relationships. I think they have a special council that meets regularly to figure out how they can annoy collectors more...Here's a couple of examples:

*When other studios would put the year of a rerelease on a poster, Disney would put the original copyright year.....making many collectors scratch their heads trying to figure out which rerelease it was. (Thank goodness NSS was used for some of the Disney rereleases)

*Disney would send threatening letters to theater managers warning them not to even give a poster to a charity.

*Disney was so worried that a collector would get one of their posters that they individually numbered most of their posters trying to catch theater managers selling posters. And for years I received Disney posters with numbers SCRATCHED off the back so they couldn't be traced.

*They also printed horizontally on the backs of their posters an ownership tag similar to the NSS tag of old.

*Trying to cut cost, it was Disney that came up with scrimpping on the presskits.... calling a pressbook with a single press still stuck inside the front cover a 'Presskit'. Most dealers wind up selling them as pressbooks and throw in the still because they're too ashamed to call it a presskit.

We had so many young collectors contacting us and asking us questions about these that we put up an article just to address the Disney poster problems

Well it was looking a little better for the presskit lovers when Dreamworks came out with color press stills and color photos inside their pressbooks.... and fancier covers....of course trying to keep up, Disney had to follow ....

These new improved kits weren't as good as the old presskits where you could see the different posters sizes and pictures of all the different promotional items that were available ........ but at least the new ones were in color.

Well, the Disney 'let's iritate the collectors' council has met again...

Take a look at some of the NEW presskits they are releasing:

We're going to have to change the name to PRESS BOOKLETS!!!

They measure 4 3/4" x 7 1/4"!!!!

The National Treasure Pressbooklet has 42 pages and has the credits and everything just like a regular size pressbook... even a good number of color photos inside.....

The Life Aquatic is also 42 pages and the same.... they even put out a little 4 page additional booklet the same size with Q&A about the movie.

Maybe I'm just getting old..... but I feel like I need to hand it to the kids to color on or something!!

ok... I know... the writing is on the wall for paper pressbooks anyway... The majority of theaters get electronic or Interactive presskits. It won't be long that the pressbook will be a thing of the past and completely replaced with the theater manager being able to download anything that they want.






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