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Poster Distribution in Canada

Canadian movie paper came from 4 distribution points, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and St. John New Brunswick. These 4 distribution centers were set up as independent distributors. Let's look at the function of each:

Calgary Branch


The Calgary branch was set up as an independent distributor. In 1950 Sol Candel took over the facility, known then as the Theater Poster Exchange. The Calgary branch basically would receive their material from National Screen in the US, make slight modifications and distribute them.

Each providence had its own censor board so the distributor had to modify the posters to fit each requirement. This was done through a variety of ways, such as: snipes, stickers and the infamous..... black magic marker! This was done quite often over MPAA ratings etc.

In the early 60's the name was changed to Consolidated Theater Services.

In 1964, the Candel family expanded and took over the Toronto branch as well.

Everything basically stayed the same until 1990 when ties to National Screen Service were severed.

The facility still exists under Sol's guidance and is located at:

112 16th Ave NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2MOH2 Canada


Toronto Branch


The Toronto branch was also run independently very similar to the way the Calgary Branch was run.

In 1964, the Candel family took over the Toronto branch and Sol's sister Shelley took control.

Operations for the Toronto branch were the same except that the Toronto branch had a printing facility. The majority of material distributed came directly from National Screen. Then any modifications would be done to satisfy the censor boards and material distributed.

The Toronto branch would print programs, stills and movie posters for independent Canadian studios.

No specific marks were placed on the material for identification making it difficult to identify.

In 1990, ties to National Screen were also broken at this branch.

Today, Shelley stills controls the company and can be reached at:

Movie Poster Warehouse
1875 Leslie St #17
North York, Ontario
M3B 2M5 Canada


Montreal Branch


The Montreal branch was also set up as an independent distributor but with a lot of differences.

The Montreal branch had a heavy concentration of French theaters, so a different system had to be used.

National Screen sent up 2 different varieties of material. One was the regular material that was issued everywhere else but the other was usually sent without credit information or very limited credit information.

It was the job of the Montreal Branch to supply all the credit and distribution material in French. Quite often you will find a variety of types from credits being painted on, stickered on, sniped over etc. It depended on how much was needed to make the material ready for distribution.

It appears that the Montreal branch closed with the 1990 dissolution of relationships with National Screen. We have not been able to find anyone who has knowledge of the administrative functions of the branch since.

We have substantiated that a major portion of the Montreal branch was brought to the Los Angeles area and has slowly been distributed from there.


St, John, New Brunswick Branch


Known as the Maritime Poster Exchange, this exchange was run by Buckley and handled just like the Calgary branch.

This branch had no printing facilities and distributed the material from National Screen with local censor board requirements.

In 1990, when the separation from National Screen came about, Victoria Films took over.

Everything basically remained the same as operations before. In 2000, when Technicolor took over the remaining portions of National Screen, Maritime also merged with Technicolor.

Maritime can still be contacted at:

Mgr. KevinMcDermott
Maritime Poster Exchange
55 Bentley
St John, New Brunswick




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