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Since the very beginning of the film industry, Louisiana has enjoyed a love affair with the movies. This site is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of Louisiana's rich film history. Take a look at the significant contributions Louisiana has made. Louisiana film collage

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Back in 2022, we did an exhibit in Slidell called
"50 Shades of Louisiana: a Filmmakers Paradise"

This exhibit presented 50 Louisiana films made in 44 different parishes with 3 goals: show filming all over the state; impact around the world of La. films; and need for more preservation.

It was supposed to be presented around the state but COVID prevented it. We are now presenting it in book form in color for those interested

HERE IS OUR LAST - Louisiana in Film Newsletter - We stopped for the pandemic but it will be starting back up soon!

We did a series for the Louisiana Film Channel called "Louisiana Film History - Flashback" which you can now see on our 'HotB Film Channel' link above.

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90% of all silent films made in the U.S. are already lost forever! And 50% of all films made before 1951 are already lost forever! IF THAT'S NOT BAD ENOUGH.. film ACCESSORIES are in WORSE shape. We have a 5 minute video to explain - take a look!

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