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Technology has created a great spin on the old press kit. Press kits contain background on major stars and execs, all the credit info, behind the scenes info, marketing tidbits, etc. But now with technology, not only do you get this information, you can also get soundtracks, scenes, interviews and an unbelievable array of extras.

In the late 1990s, studios experimented with VHS presskits. Even though they gave the theater manager a film like presentation, they still weren't excepted that well.

With the expansion of the cd, studios moved rapidly to the Digital Presskit which gives them the space to provide more images and sales material and even interviews, with the convenience of utilizing the computer.

The new Interactive Digital Presskit allows studios the ability to provide a Digital Presskit with the benefits that it brings PLUS, it allows the theater manager to connect to a prepared studio website with special features. This also allows the studios to update, change and add material without the expense of resending material through the mail.

Slowly the theater presskit is becoming a thing of the past. We expect technology, very soon, to eliminate the use and need of the presskit in a printed or distributed form. As more theater managers rely on computers to keep everything running smooth, presskits will soon be downloaded direct from the studios to the theater manager and our old friend the 'presskit' as we know it, will become extinct.






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