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Charles Weston (known as C. H. Weston) was an American who directed a few films in the United States before coming to British & Colonial Kinematograph Company in the UK to direct a fellow American, Arthur Finn in several British & Colonial films.

In 1913, they founded the Weston-Finn Feature Film Company Ltd and opened Bayswater Studio on Queens Road in Westminister.

Bayswater was a small one stage studio where Finn created the Detective Finn series. Three trademarks were released through Bayswater which were Piccadilly, Pussyfoot and Regent. Regent became the major name used and distribution was done through Gaumont British and the Moving Picture Sales Company.

Weston became famous for his use of 3000 extras in his spectacle The Seventh Day in 1914.

In 1918, Weston-Finn disbanded and Bayswater was closed. Finn moved to the stage where he performed until 1934. Weston went back to the US and commited suicide in 1919.

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