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Danziger Studios

American brothers Edward and Harry Danziger had started into the industry by operating a sound stage in New York dubbing foreign films for US release.

They wanted to move more into production and were able to produce a few minor hits in the US. They came to England in 1952 to start production on a television series, Calling Scotland Yard. This was followed by several other TV productions.

The Danziger Brothers had been leasing space from several studios, decided to purchase a studio to cut the costs. After several failed attempts, they decided instead to start their own. They located a former engine testing factory in Elstree (yes actually across the tracks IN Elstree) consisting of 7 1/2 acres and converted it into Danziger Studios.

The studios had 5 sound stages and almost 200 employees. The Danziger Brothers specialized in VERY low budget features and featurettes and produced miriads of episodes of a wide variety of genres geared primarily to television.

By 1961, their attentions were turning more to owning hotels, They acquired control of the Gordon Hotels group, which operated London's May Fair and Grosvenor and the Metropoles at Folkestone, Brighton and Monte Carlo.

In 1965, they sold Danziger Studio to RTZ Metals, which converted the studio to warehouse storage.

The Danzigers were considered one of the most profitable studio operations in the 1950s and 1960s, producing over 400 half hour episodes and dozens of features.

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