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Preservation Section

If you collect it.....
Protect IT


NOTE: Preservation is a very controversial area, almost like our court system....
Every expert has a different opinion!!!

So we have set this section up a little different than the others. We want to show as many variations from experts as possible and combine the information with our own experiences.
Then we present it in a 'Pros and Cons' type of format to try to give you the advantage of seeing all sides.


The old cliche is true....

'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'

Protecting your collectible is a lot of common sense with some info included. So let's look at a few facts to use our common sense on..
    • Military paper was primarily a inexpensive way to get important messages out.
    • Military paper was meant to be thrown away when the promotion was finished.
    • Because it was to be thrown away, the cheapest quality ink and paper was normally used.
    • Poorer quality paper normally gets damaged by the elements easier.

With this in mind, let's take a look at the 'enemies' of your collectibles

  • moisture (water damage)
  • humidity (mold and fungus)
  • heat (makes brittle and brown)
  • light (fades the colors)
  • acidity (disintegrates the paper)
  • critters (eats thru it)

ALL of these areas have to be covered to protect your collectible. ANY weakness in ANY of these areas will affect the value and longevity so as we cover each different situation, let's look back to make sure each area is covered.


Next we need to look at what you plan to do with your collectible...WHY do you have this piece?

Is it a beautiful piece you want to show off?
Is it an investment for future profits?
Do you have personal ties to the topic?

You see what I mean... the point is are you wanting to display it for everyone to enjoy or are you wanting to put it away for protection.

OK, let's start with the simplest first and work our way up.....the first 3 sections are different ways to STORE your poster.

NOTE: Before you store your poster.. make sure that it's clean and free from all tape, dirt and marks that may continue to eat away at your poster while you have it stored.

Storing your poster

Storing your FOLDED poster

This breaks down all the ins and outs of storing your poster folded.

Storing your posters FLAT

How, where and what to put them in..

If you're wanting to go with the best quality protection possible, you need to read this report from BCE Mylar. They handle the highest quality products for maximum protection of your piece.

Displaying your poster

What if you want to protect it AND be able to display it....


The cheapest way to both give some protection and be able to display you item too.

B&B variation

Here's a slight step up from the B&B BUT readthe B&B first.

Display Racks and sleeves

Better when you have multiple items you want to show but very little room to show them in.

They want you to do what??

You hear something different from every direction.. ALL the different things that YOU need to do to YOUR poster. Well, please remember this..... there are pros and cons to EVERYTHING.... that's why we try to put them for you. Here's other ways of handling your poster BUT BE SURE TO LOOK AT ALL THE PROBLEMS AND NOT JUST THE BENEFITS.


Sounds like you're going in space or something! What is encapsulation and can it help?


Let's look at the differences

Dry Mounting

This is what your framer will recommend! What is it and what will it do to the poster?

Linen Backing

The good, the bad and the not-suppose-to-be ugly. Different points of view. Here's a real can of worms.......


Like saying .... 'buying a car' - there are so many different ways and types that you need to do a little research before you do damage to your collectible


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