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Alphabetical Index

We have tried to create a complete index that also covers articles, artists, distributors, printers, studios and much more. However, we are only adding them to the index when we have a completed article.

L - M

Lamination - display - Articles

Langford, Frank - Artist

Le Coutour, John - see Gaumont

Lenica, Jan - Artist

Lenticular - type - Articles

Leonard Ripley & Co. - Printers Members Only

Lightboxes - display - Articles

Lime Grove - see Gaumont

Linenbacking - display - Articles

Lithographers - Articles

Lonsdale & Bartholomew - Printers Members Only

Lubin Co. - Distributors

Ludwig Blattner Film Corp. - Prod & Dist.

Magic Lantern - Articles

Maguire, Frank - see Warwick Trading

Maguire & Baucus - see Warwick Trading

Marks - defects - Articles

Marshall, Francis - Artist

Martin, John Howard - see Cricks and Martin

Maxwell, John - Pioneers Members Only

McDowell, J. B. - see British & Colonial

Medley, Robert - Artist

Mercury Film Service - Distributors

Merton Park - Studios

MGM-British - Studios

Mini Quad poster - Article

Mount, Reginald - Artist

Movie Ratings System - Articles

Muswell Hill - Studios

Mylar - type - Articles


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