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Cable/TV Posters
Campaign Kit
Canadian Poster Distribution
Canadian Posters
Carraras, Enrique, James and Michael - see Hammer Films - UK
Celebrity Productions - US
Chaplin Studios - US
Charles A. Read, Ltd - Printer - UK
 *   International Poster Sizes
 *   Movie Art on Paper
 *   Movie Art on Card Stock
 *   Press Materials
 *   Promotional Items
 *   Other Forms of Movie Art
 *   Grading Comparison
Chesterfield Pictures - US
Chirashi Posters - Japan
Classic - US commercial
Color Offset Printing
Color Panels
Columbia Pictures Studios - US
Columbia Studios Artists
Combo Posters
Commercial Posters
Consolidated Studios - see Whitehall - UK
Continental Litho Company - US
Continental Commerce Co. - see Warwick Trading Co. - UK
Cornelius Cards - see Victor Cornelius
Cosmopolitan Productions - US

Country Domain Extensions
Craven Park Studio - UK
Creases - Blemishes
Cricklewood Studio - UK
Cricks & Sharp Studio - UK
Crown Poster - UK
Czechoslovakian Poster Artists
Czechoslovakian Posters
Danziger Studios - UK
David Allen & Sons - Printers - UK
Daybill - Australia
Dickson, W.K.L. - Pioneer - US
Digital Presskit
Disney Posters
Dispatch Film Service - UK
Donald L. Velde Company - US
Donaldson Printing Company - US
Donisthorpe, Wordsworth - see British Pioneer - UK
Door Panels - US
Door Panels - UK
Double Crown (D.C.) - UK
Drill Holes - Blemishes
Dry mounting - Preservation


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